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Phat Matt's BBQ Catering & Pop Up

Oakland, CA 94609

[email protected]

About Us

Matt started back in Chicago about 30+ years ago barbecuing in the snow, rain, wind and on the nice days too. Through competition, it forced him to create his own rubs and sauces which compliment the meat he uses. All of our rubs and sauce have no added salt due to the dietary needs of Phat Matt's wife. Our BBQ sauce is a ketchup based sauce, other than the corn syrup and salt in the ketchup, we use all natural sugars. We do not cook with any salt and believe that our food is so flavorful that you won't miss it!

For years, friends and family have been enjoying his BBQ and encouraging him to start a business. Which brings us to where we are today, trying to get our great tasting BBQ to you!

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